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BIG and Wildflower Unveil Images for Production Studio in Queens

Robert De Niro’s Wildflower Development Group, with the architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), have revealed first images of their proposal for a 650,000 square foot film, television, and creative studio, in in the Astoria neighborhood of northwest Queens, New York.

This studio is a testament to the strength and future of the New York film and television production industry. Completion of this project ensures that future generations of producers, directors, writers, and storytellers will play a vital role in filmed entertainment in New York for years to come. -- Robert De Niro, American actor, producer, and director.

Hoping to start construction in the upcoming year, at a time when the film and television industry in the Big Apple is rapidly growing, the project will be “the first deeply engaging environment for filmed entertainment content of its kind in New York City”. The $400 million investment that will create job opportunities for around 1,000 persons, will put in place a state-of-the-art facility for the creation of film, television, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

It has been incredible to work with such an iconic cast of collaborators from all aspects of visual media to imagine the future of film production in New York City. Due to the unique space conditions of working on an urban site, we were challenged by Wildflower to distill all the physical, logistical, technical and experiential aspects of film production into a one of a kind vertical village for film -- Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner and Creative Director at BIG.

In order to procreate an inclusive project for the people of the city, representatives from Wildflower Studios “have been meeting with local officials and incorporating community feedback on the proposal”. The project will give back to the neighborhood with the installation of parking, public water access, and land conservation areas. With a design based on interconnecting different types of spaces and generating a creative working environment, the building will include various cultural programs such as stages, production-support areas, open and private offices, lounges, etc.

We view this project as an opportunity to transform not just how film and media are produced now and going forward, but also as an opportunity to transform how a content production facility engages its surrounding community and the world at large. -- Adam Gordon, managing partner at Wildflower Ltd.