Condo for Art Collectors Woos Buyers in a Chelsea Gallery

The boutique condo building rising at 560 West 24th Street was designed specifically for art collectors—the walls are reinforced to support heavy art, homes have built-in humidity controls, and the lighting was created by a firm that lights museums and galleries—so it makes sense that the sales office is located in an art gallery just around the corner. Developed by Adam Gordon, in partnership with Tavros Development, and designed by Steven Harris, the eight-unit building features a limestone facade with an inset of marble lining the eight-foot-tall windows, a detail Gordon likes to call the building's "lingerie." It's not a feature that's easily rendered, but the sales office showcases the deep green and brown rock, which is mined in Turkey and currently en route to New York. The casement windows feature laser-cut wrought iron detailing, which was custom designed for the building by Harris's firm; in fact, everything in the building is custom. There is not one element that Harris used in a previous project.

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Faction Studio Team